A Word From Upland Borough Council President Christine Peterson

Greetings and welcome to our Borough. This website is a window into our past, present and future.

Upland Borough has a strong established history within the County, State and Country. We hold pride in the ties given to us by Caleb Pusey, William Penn, the Crozer Family, and Martin Luther King Jr.

The Caleb Pusey House was built in 1683 and still sits on its original site. Mr. Pusey had ties to William Penn, the namesake of our great state of Pennsylvania, who assisted in forming the very roots of the democracy we have today.

The Crozer Family is the namesake of the Crozer Keystone Health Systems, one of the largest employers within Delaware County. Upland can “brag” that we are the home of the network’s largest entity, Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

We are honored to remember that Martin Luther King Jr., received his Theological training at the Seminary, located at Old Main on the Crozer-Chester Medical Center campus.

Today, Upland is a diverse, forward thinking, safe, family oriented, financially stable, Community. We hold dear our past, learn from our present, and embrace our future.

Picture of Council President Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson
Upland Borough Council